The human brain, all of its connections with the spinal cord, and its web of peripheral nerves is an amazing communication system that transmits thousands of tiny messages throughout the body, making the simplest to the most complex task happen. However, when a problem or injury occurs, a neurological surgeon is the specialist who can determine where and why a breakdown in communication is occurring in the nervous system. The neurological surgeons at Orange Park Physicians have been trained at the finest medical schools, are board certified in neurological surgery, and diagnose and treat conditions including tumors, lesions, aneurysms, stroke, brain injury and trauma to name a few.

Another critical area of care that our neurological surgeons specialize in at Orange Park Physicians is spinal care. Several surgeons on our team focus on conditions and injuries of the discs, vertebra, and nerves in the spinal column, such as back injuries, herniated discs, pinched nerves, and spinal deformity such as scoliosis. Neurological surgery procedures range from minimally invasive to artificial disc replacement surgery.